November 16, 2006

earning hours limits

The laid back French lifestyle with their enforced 35 hour week, who wouldn't want that? Well many French people it turns out. The increase in employement that cutting the amount of time each individual can work was supposed to bring? Didn't happen, there has been no change in unemployment. The increase in happiness through extra leasure time? Again didn't happen, probably because those that do work find that they need to keep up the same hours as before to keep the same amount of money as before coming in. Since the introduction there has been a decine in the number of people working for large companies and an increase in people working for small, as people move jobs to avoid the government imposed limit on the anmount that they can work. There has also been an increase in the number of people with 2 jobs, again so that they can get around the 35 hour week. Limiting the number of hours that people choose to work having been shown not to give any benefits, just more red tape and inefficiency, the EU seeks to force it on everybody. Nobody should force anybody to work or not, your labour is your own to do with as you please (but nobody should be forced to pay for the choice of others either).


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